Fishing at Alabama Lake Lodge

Alabama Lake Lodge, just a short drive from Aliceville, Alabama, is a fisherman’s paradise. The lodge overlooks the Big Lake(100 acres) which is the heart of this mature private lake system. Constructed during the 1970s by BF “Johnnie” Johnston, the Big Lake uses Seneca Creek as a fresh water source. Adjoining the Big Lake is the Upper Lake(27 acres) and a couple of smaller lakes. Mr. Johnnie loved fishing and personally planned and constructed the lake system to offer an ideal fishing habitat.

In addition to Seneca Creek, another small creek bed also flows through the Big Lake. Three small islands and numerous log piles offer plenty of cover and hiding spots. Watershed drains with spillways from the three other lakes, empty into the Big Lake. The Upper Lake also has a freshwater creek bed, several log piles, and grassy areas. Both of these managed lakes are stocked with Florida Bass and Bream.

Fishing Membership

With an annual membership you can bring your own boat and fish in your choice of the Big or Upper Lake as often as you like. Both lakes are under a Fish Management Plan so regulations apply. Since this is a private lake system, a fishing license is NOT required. Only a limited number of memberships are available, so you won’t have to worry about sharing the lakes with a crowd. You are allowed to bring family members or a guest with you to fish.

Fishing Membership Rate

Annual Fishing Membership

$1200 Per Year

Alabama Lake Lodge

Aliceville, Alabama
Lodge Rental 205.568.2899
Fishing Membership 205.568.2856